1. Challenge

Client – a company with Polish capital, specializing in electricity trading. As the only one in Poland, it obtains and then sells energy from renewable sources only. In the next stage of development, its founders established a Brokerage House operating at the Polish Power Exchange in mid-2020.

We’re – DevOpsi sp. z o.o. – technological partner of this venture.

2. Scope of work

  • Business Analysis support;
  • construction of Solution Architecture;
  • UX/UI design;
  • application development;
  • application tests;
  • project management;
  • DevOps – creating and managing environments.

3. Solution

We have created – DevOpsi sp. z o.o. – web application in technologies: Java, Spring Boot, PostgreSQL, Angular, Flux, Keycloak. It consists of several components:

  • SSO – for the preparation of which we used Keycloak;
  • application backend – written in Java using Spring Boot, Flux and PostgreSQL database;
  • application frontend – written in Angular;
  • service – communicating with the Polish Power Exchange, written in Flux.

4. Challenges

The biggest challenge in the first stage of the project was to understand – with all the complex processes and dependencies – the business area for which it was necessary to prepare a properly dimensioned and effective solution in the form of a web application. Close cooperation with the client and his support in this area equipped the employees DevOpsi sp. z o.o. in the necessary knowledge.

The next challenges related to the technological level and included:

  • design and implementation of a uniform and consistent model of stock exchange data, thanks to which in the future it will be possible to easily and quickly integrate – with the prepared system – subsequent commodity exchanges;
  • obtaining the smallest possible delays in displaying quotations – so that the clients of the application can invest their funds in the best possible way. In this challenge, we used Flux and its reactivity, which in combination with Angular brought the expected, very good results. The final effect of the work is presented in the picture below:

5. Summary

The solution we created definitely met the client’s needs. Thanks to the technological challenges, the team delegated to this project was able to expand its competences and experience in several areas and technologies.

From the beginning, the system was implemented in the DDD approach – Domain Driven Design – that is, domain-oriented design, the needs of which the created system will meet.

This concept was complemented by Event Storming, thanks to which the DevOpsi sp. z o.o. he quickly acquired the necessary business knowledge, and the client noticed the missing elements in the previously conducted analyzes.