Today, about what practical knowledge you should have and what personality traits you need to have to take on the role of Full Stack Developer. And the most important thing – how much money can you earn in this role.

The imagination of aspiring „full-stack developers” is ignited by auctions for earnings in online portals with job offers in the IT industry. Employers’ dreams revolve around cost-cutting and acquiring programmers with IT omnipotence. We found ourselves in the center of this discussion. So we return to the topic to dispel some myths and emphasize the truths. Today we will talk about: what the role of a Full Stack Developer consists of and what it entails.

A long list of tools to master

Professional experience as a Full Stack Developer is essential. We are not talking about long years of gathering it, but let’s emphasize again – you will not gain all the necessary skills during a few months of training. Some employers require at least three to four years of experience working in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, and knowledge of the latest solutions in this area. 

Skills and tools used by Full Stack developers: 

Full Stack Developer
Full Stack Developer must be a „polyglot”
  • Frontend programming languages, such as HTML, JavaScript, and C#; 
  • Backend programming languages: Python, Ruby, and PHP;
  • Development frameworks such as Java Spring, Hibernate, Python Django, PHP thinkphp, nodeJs;
  • Frontend frameworks and libraries such as JQuery, LESS, SASS, Angular, React;
  • Version control systems – Git and GitHub;
  • APIs – REST and SOAP, as well as HTTP protocol;
  • Knowledge of database-related solutions such as JSON, SQL, and NoSQL;
  • MySQL, MongoDB, Redis, Oracle, SQLServer databases;
  • This is pretty much a must: graphic design and visual communication skills; prototype design, UI design, UX design.

Personality required

Among the personality traits expected by employers, a future Full Stack Developer is expected to:

  • Strategic thinking;
  • Creativity;
  • Communication skills at a very high level;
  • Excellent time management, ability to prioritize tasks so that everything is completed on time;
  • An open mind to modern solutions and user experience; 
  • Attention to detail 
  • And yes, yes, the ability to finish projects.

How much do Full Stack programmers earn?

Salary Suggestions for Full Stack Developers

Change is afoot in this area and offers based on salary continue to be a staple in attracting new employees. 

Those who start learning in this profession, in the position of a Junior can count on salaries of 4000-7000 PLN net per month. Programmers with several years of experience: 10000-22000 PLN net. However, some employers offer very high rates for work as a Full Stack Developer. For the services of outstanding specialists can pay up to 35000-39000 PLN.  

Offers with the specified salary can be found on the three largest portals with job offers in the IT industry. 

How do we compare with foreign employers in this respect? It turns out that quite well. According to the industry job portal Payscale, American programmers can count on an average annual salary of 79000 USD, with rates ranging from 60000 to 13000 USD per year. On the Indeed portal, the offers are even higher.

So is it worth it to become an „Almighty”?

Thanks to their position in development projects, Full Stack developers can complete a product design fairly quickly. They have a broad view of the entire project, which they also actively manage. They can also support individual team members by accelerating communication and reducing costs. This group of professionals is the backbone of large technology corporations. But also the creators of projects in the DevOps domain.

On the other hand, there are not many experienced programmers with such broad knowledge and competencies on the market. We are slaves to narrow specializations and the comfort of not taking responsibility for decisions in a broader project spectrum. High salaries, even for middle- or lower-level positions, do not encourage to experiment with seeking new professional challenges in a much more difficult area. Although, as it turns out, not everyone is aware of that.


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