First of all, we listen. Our Customers are the most important for us, and their needs determine the direction of our actions. Scrum methodology, which is the basis of our work, is a universal area related to the production of dedicated software. These are not only processes related to writing code. We work according to the developed schemes which, depending on the project objectives, we modify and adapt to the Customer’s expectations.


Planning is an inseparable and basic stage of programming. Depending on:

  • our Customers’ expectations, 
  • whether they have their concept, 
  • or ready-made analysis, 

we establish a plan of action. Thanks to this, we can precisely determine the needs of our Customers.


Thanks to the analysis and cooperation with the business, we can design solutions on several levels:
IT architecture: 
  • tool and technology selection – programming language to address current requirements – scaling solutions – future software development.
  • creating mockups of application screens – ergonomics – evoking the best visual-emotional experience. Implementation:
  • Designing the implementation process with characteristics of the software project.


A detailed conversation with the Customer: about his needs and intentions regarding the software being developed.


Development, or programming: we write code, conduct software tests, improve the developed code. Programming languages that we use most often in our company are Java, JavaScript, and Python.


The tests we conduct are both manual and automated. First of all, we develop scenarios and test cases. We try to create them so that it is possible to test as many cases as possible within the developed script.

We implement

During software implementation, we focus on CI/CD automation. It is a set of rules and a collection of good practices connected with working on IT projects. Using this solution, the team developers can more often deliver tested and proven changes to the software code.

We work in fixed 2-week cycle-sprints. Within each of them, we have scheduled meetings with clients during which we: We work in fixed 2-week cycle-sprints. Within each of them, we have scheduled meetings with clients during which we:
  • We plan the work during the upcoming sprints.

  • We discuss new requirements for subsequent sprints, i.e. refirement (improvement).

  • Every day we talk about current problems and progress.

  • We conduct the so-called Daily StandUp.

  • In discussions with customers we use tools such as Event Storming to best understand and be able to design the most compliant dedicated software or get to know the current systems.

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