International Car Trading Platform

Automotive trading platform

Challenge – Automotive trading platform:

We were asked by the owners of one of the largest international Automotive trading platform to design and implement a new web application, responding to the needs of today’s market for both car buyers and their manufacturers and dealers.

International Car Trading Platform

Scope of Work:


The premise was for DevOpsi to develop a web application that would meet users’ needs and be a sustainable part of building the brand’s position in the highly competitive international car sales market.

It will also be a scalable solution that meets the needs of the scale of customer traffic on the platform, ensuring its smooth functioning.

The scope of work included an analysis of the functional needs of the application, which allows flexible movement and finalisation of transactions from the point of view of both customers docking the sale and purchase of cars, with an extensive auction system.

The process considered the specific causal role of the platform administrator at each stage of the buying and selling process.

DevOpsi is also responsible for maintaining the application and responding to events.

The technology stack used to prepare and implement this solution included:

Frontend: Nuxt, Typescript

Backend: Django, Flask

PostgreSQL, MongoDB databases




In preparing for the implementation of this project, we assembled a team consisting of programmers and solution testers, as well as a dedicated project manager overseeing the project implementation process, its schedule, and the process of consulting and implementing all of the client’s comments.

We prepared a fully functional application per the client’s expectations, whose solutions also considered several of our experiences.



The client’s order was a challenge – designing and implementing a product from scratch – but it’s a challenge of the kind that builds our experience and makes us experts in the field of web applications. It is also one of the reasons why the client used our services.

The application will be launched soon. Interesting fact: one of the application’s features is a garaging option. After purchasing a vehicle or vehicle, the customer will have the option of storing them for a specific period of time. They will also have the option of ordering a vehicle for home delivery.



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