What is Keycloak (and Keycloak based SSO services)

Keycloak is a user access and login verification tool. Keycloak allows among others a scalable identity, access management as well as provides SSO SERVICES (single sign on).

Why use Keycloak

Keycloak is a go-to tool for companies aiming to have at least few thousand internal or external users in near future. Reasons being its cost efficiency at scale, stability, security thanks to its open-source nature.

User base can be easily managed, no matter the size. Thanks to Keycloak’s user interface, roles, permissions, session and environment tools.

Keycloak has a broad compatibility. To the point of being considered a prevention for vendor lock-in. Also, it’s not just technically speaking compatible. It’s flexibility is leveraged by DevOps and EngOps professionals in their IT operations optimisation efforts.

What technologies Keycloak uses?

Keycloak (or keycloak.x based on kubernetes/Quarkus which we recommend), provides integration with LDAP and Active Directory, integrates with Angular and can use OpenID Connect, OAuth 2.0 or SAML 2.0 protocols. While its client libraries support Java, JavaScript and c#.

Who needs an authentication and authorisation tool?

Web applications such as e-commerce sites, social platforms, content management systems, mobile applications, cloud services, APIs and Microservices, healthcare and finance, government organizations, educational institutions IoT applications and startups.

That is startups, companies and enterprises which manage sensitive, company, employee and user information such as company’s property, personal information and payment data. Hence provide access to this data for their employees, customers or government officials.

Who needs an SSO service?

Companies that provide multiple multiple applications, services and user accounts to employees. It’s a great security and management tool. Allowing, consequently one strong, easily remembered password to be used to access whole suite needed by the employee.

As well as tools that are used by larger companies. Allowing SSO to be incorporated in the customer’s identity and access management for the customer’s employees.

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At Devopsi we have implemented Keycloak multiple times. For big user bases and all project phases.

From pre-implementation analysis, and infrastructure preparation. To service maintenance – implemented together with the Customer.

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