Staff and Team Augmentation

Staff and Team Augmentation

You can get an engineer from another company on special terms. But did you know you can also hire whole already assembled, well acquainted and team working crew?

Team leasing – Hiring a team of IT specialists

Team leasing is about borrowing whole teams from a third-party company focused on team building and IT expertise. DevOpsi Builds and nourishes teams and cross-teams from chosen IT specialists.

Team leasing allows clients to match the size of the team to the current project needs. Depending on the size and complexity of the project. You can increase or decrease the number of team members. Most importantly you get a team of specialists who have already worked with each other and have that „workflow.” This saves a lot of time for implementation, familiarisation, team chemistry.

The biggest advantage is that the team already has experience in working together, which eliminates the risk of the new team not working with each other well. Eliminates the team efficiency ramp-up time. And translates into the efficiency of the activities performed.

Body leasing – Hiring IT specialists

We recruit, hire, lead and educate specialists in various IT fields – we take on the responsibility. You get the job done on your terms Programmers with different specializations, DevOps and EngOps experts.

Body leasing allows those third-party companies that don’t have enough human resources or time to recruit to use qualified employees from organization that prepared itself to start work on short notice.


How Body leasing agreement works?

Body leasing is usually based on an NDA (non-disclosure agreement) between us and the client. We hire the employee that is subject to our rules of cooperation: contract with us, billing with us.

Who is then „borrowed” by the client. That sets all work rules (meetings, hours, etc). Typically, hiring is based on direct earnings on the employee in question. A minimum of 30% on the original hourly rate.
Bodyleasing in human terms.

How to start with body leasing?

An external company reports to us with an idea, possibility or need to hire people. We help assess if it will be more beneficial to hire directly and help doing so if needed. If body leasing is more beneficial for the customer, we check if someone at our company may be currently completing a project.

If not then we check if such someone has recently applied to us and fits the requirements of the project. Then we propose him to the company, confirming his availability. – If the company is satisfied with the candidate, we arrange meetings and if everything goes ok, we hire the person at our company and they work for you.

It can also work in such a way that we ourselves propose our resources to companies. If for example a company, has currently open recruitment for a given position. And they want to act on the body leasing terms.


With body and team leasing you get:

Guarantee of continuity of service execution, even 24 hours a day;

Customer support in technology, architecture, Body, and Team Leasing with the delegation of specialists for a specific period.


Outsourcing of IT specialists (Body Leasing):

  • Selection of specialists concerning the skills and experience expected by the Customer;
  • Verification of the specialist’s technical knowledge;
  • Guarantee of continuity of work and fixed prices for engineers.


Outsourcing of IT teams (Team Leasing):

  • Team building concerning soft skills;
  • Guarantee the technical expertise and experience of the team of specialists. DevOps services and other necessary skills to implement the project. Within the specification and end user satisfaction;
  • Onboarding new team members while maintaining continuity in the project.

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